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Who had the best TARDIS design?

Upon writing Who is the best incarnation of The Doctor? and Who is the best incarnation of The Master? I came to realize there was something that was just as important as the heroes and villains of the Who-Universe. In 54 years the TARDIS has went through over 25 different tweaks and designs. With some being more endearing than others. I have omitted some designs as they are similar in appearance to others and narrowed it down to 10 different designs.

The List will go from worst to best. Please note this is only my opinion and i understand yours may differ.

10/10) Season 14: Second console room.

The less said about this console the better! I cant find a single thing that is appealing about this design. The only good thing inside of this TARDIS was Tom Baker and the only positive being that it only lasted for a single season.


9/10) Season 8: Console 2.0-2.1

This console just didn’t sit right for me. It seemed to have a dainty look to it and the green console piece didn’t help its look. Sadly, the addition of the weird looking dish lights did not help its unappealing appearance. Its saving grace was it being the helm for Pertwee’s Doctor.

8/10) Season 7-Present: Console 8.0-8.1

This console is of the grand in scale. However, It lost some wow factor for me because of the design it followed, which I believe was far better. but it must be said that that additional changes made for Capaldie’s Doctor have defiantly helped to improve its image,

7/10) Season 14-20: Console 3.0.

This console scrapped the weird bowl set up and returned to a more familiar look, with the addition of pillars and a newly designed console and center piece. This is the first console to show different rooms within the TARDIS. These varied from a wardrobe to companion bedrooms and even a swimming pool. The only flaw was the room leading to the dreaded second console room.

6/10) 50th Anniversary special.

This console designed bridged the gap perfectly between classic and new-who. It is simple in design mixed elements of both old and new together so it is only fitting it rank mid-list.


5/10) Season 21-26: Console 4.0.

This is the console I always think of when I think of classic who. It was a beautiful upgrade made especially for the 5 Doctors special. It lasted through 3 different incarnations of the Doctor and even managed to survive the severe budget cuts the BBC implemented during its final season.


4/10) Season 1-4: Console 6.0.

This is the TARDIS that set a new norm for the show. Gone are the days of white and low baring ceilings. And so begins the era of grand sized set with multiple layers of detail and even more circles.


3/10) Season 1-6: Console 1.0.

This design was the original and the dawn of the TARDIS. It is so brilliant because of its simplicity but yet nothing like it had ever been conceived until its creation. It has stood the test of time and is still regarded as an epic feat within the sci-fi genre.

Tardis 1.0.jpg

2/10) Season 5-6: Console 7.0

This console is probably the greatest design in modern day who and I believe will be regarded as on of the best for many years to come. I love everything about this design Its glow, the multiple levels and the glass floor make it a personal favourit.


1/10) TV Movie: Console 5.0

There is a very good reason why this sits on the number one spot, steampunk TARDIS. Two words everyone wants to hear. As a child growing up in the 90’s I had the danger of growing up in a Doctor who free era, but thankfully the TV Movie came along. Now everyone can admit that the movie was not a marvel by any means but its one great triumph was the TARDIS.



7 thoughts on “Who had the best TARDIS design?

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  3. I have to say that the newest incarnation is my favorite, only because of it’s meaning, the rotating panels at the top of the console have all the names of the Doctor’s companions in Galifreyan and that always hits me in the feels.


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