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10 More things you might not know about the X-Files.

After completing 10 Things you might not know about the X-Files. I realized I had missed out so many other interesting things I had found out about the show. And although my spelling is terrible and my grammar is even worse, I hope you find them interesting.



Agent Dana Starling

Carters main influence for Scully was Clarice Starling from the 1991 film Silence Of The Lambs. She took on the iconic red hair, the characters clothing style and body language. Jodie Foster even made a cameo appearance voicing over the tattoo in the episode ‘Never Again’




The Closing of doors.

Although the roles of Mulder and Scully have opened up various career paths for the stars it also put a halt on some roles for Anderson. As her role is based on Clarice Starling. The executives built a clause in her contract to prevent her from playing another FBI agent. When Foster refused to return for the 2001 Hannibal sequel, Anderson was considered for the role but was eliminated because of her contract.





On set romance.

Mitch Pileggi found his wife in the most unthinkable place. Arlene Warren was working as Scully’s stand in when they first met, thanks to Duchovny introducing the two. She became his wife and also gained an onscreen role as his secretary appearing in 13 episodes over 5 seasons.




The theme was a happy accident.

The iconic theme tune was created completely by accident. Mark Snow accidentally rested his elbow on the key board which was on the echo setting, creating the creepy sound that became the basis for the theme song.





A man of many talents.

Before William B. Davis payed the evil and vindictive Cigarette Smoking Man, he was an acting coach. The William Davis Center for Acting Studies, help to create several well known stars including Lucy Lawless.





Lawless on set.

Lucy Lawless would later appear on the same show as her mentor. She was set to become a recurring character for the final season, but sadly a high-risk pregnancy forced her to leave the show. But she did manage two appearances before her departure.

giphy (3).gif



Anderson had to rise to the occasion. 

Due to Gillian Anderson being a full 10 inches shorter that David Duchovny, the crew had to come up with a solution to stop her from having dialog with Double D’s nipples. Originally she used an apple box but eventually an adaption was made which became known as the ‘Scully Box’





Dumbing Down Duchovny

Originally Carter was very hesitant to cast Duchovny as Agent Mulder. Carter believed  that Duchovny’s low toned delivery would make the character seem less intelligent. But after meeting and having a discussion with the would be star, he changed his mind.





Scully had to mind the gap.

Originally Anderson was only given half the salary of her co-star. This is despite having the same screen time and equal number of story arcs. I took her 3 seasons to close the wage gap and receive equal pay. However when she was asked to return for the revival series over 10 years later she was again offered half the salary of her co-lead. Thankfully Fox didn’t get away with it a second time around and she received an equal salary.





Equal footing was hard to come by.

Originally Fox’s studio executives made sure Gillian Anderson always walked a few steps behind Duchovny whenever they moved on set. It was to make it appear as Scully was a sidekick to Mulder. However once Anderson caught wind it was quickly rectified.







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