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Ash Vs Hannibal

After writing a blog about the possible Evil Dead cross-over in Mad Max vs The Evil Dead. I have not been able to stop thinking about other possible mash ups that could occur. After binge watching the brilliantly brilliant TV-Show Hannibal its probably no coincidence that this mash up came to mind. Id like to point out that this is purely a Cross-Over with the Hannibal TV series and does not extend into the film franchise.



Although both shows are of a different genre,  with one been a psychological thriller and the other being a Horror/comedy. And both shows have a different writing style and format, I think a Crossover could still work. Both Will Graham and Ashley Williams are on the brink of insanity so the hallucination scenes would only be made more weird with Raimi’s influence. Both shows have some fantastic gory visual effects and creation so by pulling both resources they could make some spectacularly gory and grotesque effects.

There are also so many brilliant opportunities to be had with the crossover. Id love to see Ash fight The Stagman in an epic stand-off and I cant imagine anything better than Graham reconstructing a Deadite murder scene. I thought about it so much I even thought of a premise for the show. Although its probably dull and bog standard its the best I could think of.



After a series of grizzly murders Will Graham is compelled to come out of hiding to solve the case. Will follows the trail of carnage and comes across Ash. Upon learning about the Book of the dead and the Deadites, Will agrees to help rid the world of its evil. However, Hannibal now believes Will has abandoned him for another killer and follows suit. However after he learns the truth and discovers the true power of the Necronomicon Hannibal takes it for himself. He unleashes its evil to extract his revenge on the rude and on anyone who has ever wronged him. Now Will and Ash must fight there own personal demons to destroy true evil for good.


Please let me know what think about the potential cross-over and let me know why you think it would work. Also feel free to share your own idea of what a good plot would be for if it every did happen.

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