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Mad Max vs The Evil Dead.

I was reading the other day of how Ash vs Freddy vs Jason film almost came to be a film series. But some how this idea fell through the wood work and became a comic book series. Upon reading the comic books, it got my brain thinking. Wouldn’t it be cool if Ash could somehow do a crossover with the Max Rockatansky. After this thought came into my head it wouldn’t escape.

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I couldn’t help but think of the possibilities. This would be the ultimate road trip full of the weirdest and craziest landmarks and the most bizarre locals. Ash and Max would make the perfect duo with the straight man and his comical partner creating the perfect dynamic for the two leads.  This would also be an amazing opportunity to mash together the insane minds of Raimi and Miller to create something that would surly become one of the greatest events in history. The camera shots and action sequences alone would be enough to blow anyone’s mind and that’s without even thinking of what weird plot and characters they would introduce to this crossover.

I even thought of a workable premises for the cross-over and although its probably not as creative or original as something other people would be able to think of, its the best I have got.

The Premises 

After the events of Evil Dead II, Ash is seen falling through a portal when he crash lands in a desert. However it is no in medieval England. It is instead a post apocalyptic Australian waste land. Ash is apprehended by a road gang and taken captive, he is then shackled to another prisoner who turns out to be a man called Max. They are able to escape but not before the gang has raided through Ash’s possessions and read the incarnation from the Necronomicon and releasing evil upon the wasteland .

Ash and Max take back the book and evade the gang, heading back to Max’s old family home. As Max works on the Delta, Ashley finds the incarnation to reverse the spell. But the spell requires water which is a rarity in the war shredded reality.They set off to high force falls, one of the only places left that can provide unpolluted water to complete the spell. But the journey will be dangerous, they must concur 300 miles of desert, trespassing through various turfs and territories with a gang of petrol headed deadites hot on there trail.

Please let me know what think about the potential cross-over and let me know why you think it would work. Also feel free to share your own idea of what a good plot would be for if it every did happen.


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