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10 Things you might not know about the X-Files.

The X-files is one of the greatest TV shows ever made! It is filled with mystery and secrets that still haven’t been fully uncovered or explained. I am an avid fan of the show and I have come across some interesting facts and rumors about this classic show which I though where interesting.


1) Duchovny was skeptical about the show.

David Duchovny was convinced that the show would just be a part time gig for him. It was reported that he believed that it past the half way mark of season one. He was so convinced he was still activity looking for work as a fall back for when the show got cancelled. This idea was shared with entertainment weekly who in 1993 dubbed the show ‘a goner’. Its a good job that this crack pot idea was disprove with indisputable proof.



2) Getting the role of Skinner was a close shave.

Mitchell Pileggie had auditioned for multiple roles throughout the season one, but each time he was turned away. However he left a slight impression on Chris Carter, who kept calling him back to try out for different roles.  The reason he kept failing his auditions was because Carter could not envision the actor in any of the roles because of his shaved head. Pileggie who was having a bad day turned up to the audition after not having time to shave his head. Cater assumed his grumpy mood was an act and gave him the role of the sassy director we grew to love.



3) Long live Dana Scully.

It is believed that Dana Scully is infarct immortal. It was thrown around the writing room as a potential plot idea for the mythology segments of the show, but was penultimate left and grew to become a fascinating fan theory. Scully was shown to not have a death in ‘Clide Bruckmans Final Response’ when the title character could not see her fate. She then got cured of her brain tumor in season 4 and then took over Fellig’s immortal mantel in Tithonus. It is also believed that the reason the time wrap kept occurring in the episode ‘Monday’ was because she would have died in the bank explosion and the universe could not let this happen, meaning the event was replayed until it could be rectified.





4) Doggett was almost a Jack of all trades.

After double D had announced he was leaving the X-Files there was a mass search to find  a new replacement leading man. One actor strongly considered for the role was Bruce Campbell, this was partly down to his appearance in the X-files episode ‘terms of endearment’ which had impressed the producers of the show . However he was unable to commit to the series due to his contract with the Universal television program, Jack of all trades. Sadly Campbells show was cancelled after 22 episodes, leaving us rubbing our chins and thinking what if?


giphy (1).gif



5) The musings of a background actor.

The cigarette smoking man has been dubbed as one of the greatest and most complex TV villains to ever grace the silver screen. However he started out as an extra in the pilot episode. Carter wanted a mysterious presence in and around the FBI so used William B. David as a prop to create this feeling. He was so intriguing that Carter got him to come back an make more cameo appearances through out the season, he even got a line! This eventually lead to him becoming a season regular through out the rest of the shows run and propelling him to become a pop culture icon.




6) Anderson was almost given the cold shoulder.

It is hard to believe that Gillian Anderson, an actress who won FHM’s worlds sexiest woman in 1996,  was almost not given the role because she was deemed unattractive. Fox wanted a ‘bombshell’ to star along side the leading man to create a, will they wont they kind of vibe. But Carter fought long and hard to get Anderson the role and to keep the relationship platonic. I’m sure we  can all agree that we are forever in his debt for bringing this redhaired bombshell to the screen.




7) X had a gender bender.

The X-Files has spurred up a variety of strange and odd cases, but no more strange than Fox’s informant X changing  gender. However it was a simple open and shut case. After filming her first scenes Natalia Nogulich was dropped by the producers, as they believed she did not have the right chemistry with the co-leads. She was quickly replaced by the grumpy and broody Steve Williams.



8) The Duane Berry abduction was a smokescreen!

Scully’s absence for part of season 2 was not due to an abduction like the Fox network would have you believe! It was a ruse to distract us from what was really going on. Gillian Anderson was pregnant when season 2 started, this caused Fox to try and axe the star yet again. However, the writers of the X-Files had a better idea. They created one of the best plots in the shows history by abducted the skeptic. They even created an awesome post abduction scene using Scully’s pregnant belly as a special effect.



9) Scully had a boyfriend?

The pilot episode of the X-files created many mysteries and unanswered questions which gripped audiences and pulled them into the series. However there was one mystery that the show managed to hide. In the first episode Scully had a boyfriend called Ethan Minette. Sadly his scenes where cut because Carter believed the relationship between Mulder and Scully was more interesting and therefore should be the focus of the show.




10) Krycek just wouldn’t leave.

Nicholas Lea was one of only a few actors to appear in every season of the show. He started out as the guy who got it on with the guy/girl alien in the Season one episode ‘Gender Bender’. He returned in Season two as the Russian, double/triple spy known as Alex Krycek. He was only meant to be a 3 episode replacement for Dana Scully. However, his popularity meant this shifty little shit came back time and time again, becoming a fan favorite. Give the guy a hand for his determination!



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