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The ramblings of a mad man: My Evil Dead Theory.

Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the theory.

To me the Evil Dead is one of the best franchises in existence as it offers guts, gore and Bruce Campbell. But the most compelling things about the series is the continuity errors. It’s compelling because although it is really down boring producers and film companies, everyone has their own thoughts and theories of how this continuity error could have happened within the films. So I decided to put my sparsely limited amount of brain cells to work, and conjured up my own.

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The ramblings of a mad man.

For this theory to work you have to take on the assumption that the recap at the beginning of each film is retold by Ash himself. And like anyone retelling a story, there are going to be some details left out and forgotten about. However forgetting to mention your dead sister and two close friends is more than human error!

So what has caused Ash to forger the key details of his romantic escape to a cabin in the woods?


Throughout the franchise Ash takes so many blows to the head even Elmer Fudd feels sorry for the guy. At the end of the first film our hero is blasted into the air, and sent hurdling through the treeline before coming to a violent stop, courtesy of a rather large and sturdy oak tree. This abuse continues through out the second film with ash even losing a hand The film concludes with our hero again been sent violently spinning into the air. But this time it’s through a time vortex, resulting in Ash literally crash landing back in time!  So after all this spinning, head banging and blood loss, it is understandable that his retelling of the story is hazy and does not connect all the dots. It can also be noted in the TV series Ash forgets to mention the events of The Army of Darkness to Pablo while at the warehouse in episode one. And the reason for this could be down to Ash taking various blows to the head while fighting a possessed doll.


I also believe  Ash’s hashed up attempt at retelling past event is also down to him being bat shit crazy! Throughout the first film we see Ash taking physical and emotional punishment, which even Doctor Phil can’t cure. His mental state isn’t helped by Ash hallucinating about laughing deer, having a conversation with his evil alter ego and dismembering his already dead girlfriend in the second installment. It could be noted that due to the mental stress put on Ash in the first two films, he created an alter ego as a way to escape his past traumas. It is because of this that we get a much braver, bolder and funnier Ash in the third film, showing that he has well and truly become unhinged. His madness is further concreted in the Ash Vs The Evil Dead,  with Ash having harrowing visions of the creatures that are coming for him throughout the first episode and random out bursts of hallucinations and craziness as the series goes on.

If your still not buying this theory just think, it wouldn’t be the first time Bruce has played a character who has a questionable back story that doesn’t quite add up…….


Although not the most interesting theory please let me know what you think about it and share your own theories about the evil dead continuity.


2 thoughts on “The ramblings of a mad man: My Evil Dead Theory.

  1. Don’t forget memory lost and the trauma of having diced up his girlfriend..,maybe even an alternate reality after the first film. Even with the discontinuities, it is the best series of the 80’s if not of all time.

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