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Who is the best incarnation of The Doctor?

With Peter Capaldi now confirming he is leaving the helm of the Tardis, I think this is the perfect opportunity to rank the doctors to see which one is top dog. The list will go from the worst to best portrayal of the forever changing time lord. It has to be noted that there isn’t really a worst Doctor. But, I believe that some are better than others.

Please note this is only an opinion, if you don’t agree please remember, I’m only human.


12/12) The Fifth Doctor (Peter Davison)

This Doctor is for me the weakest of the doctors on this list. He was the vanilla doctor, constantly been abused by companions, being in a coma or moping about the screen. I have a theory that the reason he had so many companions was to make up for the lack of personality and sonic screwdriver he possessed. I also think during his time as the Doctor the stories came in weaker as well. They just seemed to drag on, they are not an easy binge watch!

However, it should be noted that Peter Davison was at the time, the youngest actor to play The Doctor by 11 years. Starting his portrayal at the age of 29. I believe it was his tenure as the Time Lord that help pave the way for younger actors in the revival era. Additionally it was during his era that the first companion died, which is a mega event in the Doctor Who timeline.



11/12) The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)

It was a tough call who to pick between the 5th and 6th Doctor for worst incarnation, it would also be a tough pick for worst dressed but that is a different debate altogether.

Granted the 6th Doctors time on the screen was chaotic thanks to the BBC, who became a bigger adversary to the doctor since the Darleks .But even so this Doctor had a horrible personality and a negative vibe about him that I just cannot shake.

However he did have Peri as his companion to make the show watchable and he had memorable episodes like ‘The Two Doctors’ and ‘Attack of the Cybermen’ but even so it isn’t enough to out shine his short comings.



10/12) The Second Doctor (Patrick Troughton)

The second Doctor is for some a strong fan favourite but sadly my decision to put him outside of the top ten comes down to the amount of episodes I have seen him in.

Although it has some classic episodes like ‘The Tomb of the Cybermen’ and ‘The ice Warriors’ it also had some very weak episodes like ‘The Space Pirates’ and ‘The Dominators’ to name a few.

I recall watching an episode which had a close up of the second doctor, however it wasn’t Patrick Troughton After doing some researcher I found out it was in fact his stunt double. These types of lazy directorial errors plagued his tenure as the doctor which is an additional factor for him not making the top spot.



9/12) The First Doctor (William Hartnell, Richard Humdall)

Sadly this incarnation doesn’t make the top spot because of the lack of complete episodes that are available.

His portrayal was extremely mysterious, he seemed to be very old and weak and then all of a sudden he would explode into a burst of energy. He would be constantly playing the possum, when infarct he was the predictor just waiting to strike. Both portrayals of the first Doctor where done brilliantly and each on was played in a way that you could feel complete confidence in his world saving capabilities.

However the simple reason he is so low down on the list is, I have not seen enough of this incarnation.



8/12) The Ninth Doctor (Christopher Ecclestone)

The ninth doctor was the Doctor that cemented the series back on the silver screen. Ecclestone was a brilliant Time Lord but sadly his tenure was just too short.

His time reintroduced the Darleks, The Autons and some new exciting creatures like the Slitheen. The Ninth doctor with his adorably sized ears, gave the show the opportunity to grow into television gem that it is today.

I believe that the only down fall to his tenure was Rose Tyler. I have received a lot of grief in the past for not jumping on the bandwagon. However I stand by my guns, she is in my opinion a crap companion. The same can be said for Adam Mitchell, but the good thing about his time on the show was that it was extremely brief. But thanks to the addition of Captain Jack and Micky Smith, the 9th Doctor comes out evens on his companion list.



7/12) The Eight Doctor (Paul McGann)

Although his portrayal was not seen as very popular at the time, due to me being a child in the 90’s he was my Doctor. I loved the sense of life he gave to the role and his steam punk Tardis is amazing!

I watched the TV-Movie not long ago and after wards my mind was racing with the what could have been, had the show been picked up in the U.S. Granted the 8th doctor would have appeared ranked worse on my list, but after his return to our screens in ‘The Night of The Doctor’ I believe he deserves his ranking.



6/12) The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith)

For me this is a very fitting place for the 11th doctor, he was played fantastically by a floppy haired, fish finger and custard eating Matt Smith. But he was often let down by poor writing by Stephen Moffatt. So his mid-table ranking seems quite fitting.

I loved the energy and the charm this Doctor brought to our screen. Although he looked so young, you could see the maturity on his shoulders and his true age looking into his eyes. He had some brilliant companions and stories but for me Moffatt let the side down.

I remember watching ‘The Pandora Opens’ and been blown away. I spent the next week with one thought in my head “how can he escape?” the answer was lazy writing. After that episode it was like I was reborn. I could see all of the plot holes and sloppy writing that Moffatt interjected into the show.

But thankfully the amazing Matt Smith was at the helm to keep me true to the cause. And for that I tip my fez to you good sir!



5/12) The Third Doctor (John Pertwee)

The 5th Doctor is one of the suavest characters to ever grace the screen. This kung-Fu fighting, silver haired fox has always had a special place in my heart. He was is my grandfather’s favourite Doctor and with good reason.

I remember spending countless afternoons with him watching classic episodes like ‘The Sea Devils’ and ‘The Time Warrior’ and been taken in by every minute that passed. However I do also  remember falling asleep during ‘The Inferno’ and waking up 2 hours later to find it still hadn’t finished. I still can’t finish that episode to this day!

But he deserves a top 5 place because even when the BBC implemented harsh budget cuts to the show, Doctor Who still remained on top thanks to the Third Doctor. In an alternate reality he might have finished first on the list.



4/12) The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

The Tenth Doctor is too many younger views the equivalent of what Tom Baker is Tom Baker is to classic who fans. He had everything, charm charisma, Russell T Davis and that hair! That could be an article in its self.

The Tenth Doctor’s era saw the reintroduction of the Cybermen who then faced off against the Darleks in a mind blowing battle. It had so many brilliant episodes like ‘Tooth and Claw’ and ‘The Last of The Time Lords’ which just showcase Tennant’s acting ability.

I remember the Christmas he saved the world from the Sycorax was the day the Christmas specials became the event of the holiday season. The only thing I couldn’t get behind with his tenure was the Doctor/Rose love thing they had going on, when she said goodbye at bad wolf bay I cried as the pain was finally over. But that pain came back when I received a David Tennant sized hole in my life thanks to a fatal golden glow took over the screen.



3/12) The Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker)

When anyone mentions Doctor Who the 4th Doctor is the first one that comes to mind. When he was the Doctor it transformed the shows rating and created a pop culture Icon in the shape of a long scarf wearing raggedy man. He is still know as the one Doctor to rule them all. And with good right been the longest serving actor to play the role and boasting rating that peaked at an all time high for the show he deserves every jelly baby he eats.

He starred in possible two of the best Doctor Who episodes of all time ‘The Deadly Assassin’ and ‘The Genesis of the Darleks’ but falls short of the top list purely because of personal preference. He is to perfect to be my favorite.



2/12)  The Twelfth (Peter Capaldi)

In the new era of Doctor Who the 12th Doctor has got to be the best incarnation. He has broken the mould that was set by Ecclestone, Tennant and Smith. He is dark, mysterious and calculating and has brought the ambiance of classic Who back to the 20th century.

Since he arrived as the Doctor he has suffered again at the hands of Moffatt however his mysterious and exhilarating character has managed to shine through.

For more proof as to why the 12th Doctor has claimed second spot, look no further than his exchanges with Davros in ‘The Witches Familiar’ and his one man show in the episode ‘Heaven sent’. I think we can all agree it is going to be a sad day when Capaldi’s guitar solo comes to its impending end.



1/12) The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)

So that’s it the Tardis has chimed and the abzorbaloff is singing. It was obviously going to be no one else but the 7th Doctor.

He is sly, manipulative, calculating and hides it all behind a spoon playing persona. This Doctor was the most innocent doctor in appearance but it was all to hide his dark persona that lurks beneath and this is what makes him the best.

The best thing about the 7th doctor is you can watch an episode once and at the end learn The Doctors true plan. Then you can then re watch the episode and see it in a totally different light. Granted he was the Doctor when the show got cancelled but the BBC had already made up its mind. It had become a fixed point in time and McCoy cannot be held accountable for it!


Let me know if you would have picked a different number one.
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